Project Background:

As many have, I was brought up reading the Tales of Beatrix Potter and I treasure the characters dearly.  Over the years of taking an interest in how the stories came to be, I have found stories about Beatrix herself to be fascinating and it surprises me that these details are not more widely known.


Project Aim: 

To inform and educate people who may only know Beatrix for her storytelling and illustrations about her other passions and pursuits within her lifetime. The aim is to bring Beatrix Potter to the forefront of association with her name, not just her authorial practice. A woman as a whole - the outcome for this project will aim to put an equal amount of emphasis on her other achievements as on her well loved stories and characters. 

Project Approach: 

Celebrating the life and achievements of Beatrix within the context of an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The V&A holds the world’s largest collection of Beatrix Potter’s drawings, correspondence and photographs. Due to the V&A’S strong links with Beatrix’s works and variety of items that the V&A exhibits on a regular basis, I felt it was a logical location to celebrate Beatrix in this way.

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Danielle White