UNKNOWN is a collaborative project which brought together BA (Hons) Interior Design, Fashion Marketing BA (Hons) and Graphic Design BA (Hons) students, in an interdisciplinary venture, centred around the future of retail.


The pop-up installation takes visitors on an unexpected journey by encouraging active participation and in order to experience the product they must carve it out of the store itself. The physical structure does not give away what is hidden inside, and visitors are instructed to carve away at foam to reveal the secrets within.


As consumers must break down a structure to experience the product we created a visual language which echos and signifies the action. The UNKNOWN logo is made up of shapes which are further broken down to create the graphic signature used throughout the brand identity. The fragments of UNKNOWN can be reassembled and used to create signage around the installation. They were used for way-finding, timers, print products and more.

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Danielle White